Yacov Ioffe

The scientific concept of God ancient world.

         / Based on the "Emerald Tablets of the God Thoth - Atlanta /

     Already a huge period of time all of humanity is divided into "Believers and Unbelievers". Believers wait for favors from Heaven, but do not forget, by crossing themselves or worshiping their God, to kill or curse the "infidels". Unbelievers scholars do not expect mercy from God. They just decided, that they smart and educated scientists - the masters of our planet, and can do on it everything, that comes to their head. It is scientists all the academies of sciences in the last 150 years have become barbarous the destroyers of all wildlife on earth. Therefore people turned for Nature like the terrible "Locust".

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Egyptian science of the Soul. The soul of our body, which is "I".

     From the very beginning of my discovery of the practical Magic of ancient Egypt, and understanding, that this is purest form “Scientific Information about a Man”, I think about the notion - “Ba”, like “Soul”. For me, these concept was important, because it must be Real, but the "Eternity of the Soul" was put by me into doubt.

     About the Soul spoke in all religions, but no one explained to people, what the real Soul is.

    The human soul, as the “Existing but Invisible Substance”, was the important subject of discussion in ancient Egyptian civilization all there history.

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Water Experiences

Experiments with Water, or whence the Golden Section came from.
/ Perpetual water engine can be created! /
How many secrets exists in nature, so many secrets there is in the molecule of water.

In basis of consideration of properties of Water in given clause lays scientific concept of "Time" existing «Up to during existence Ancient Egypt », as        « Energy of the Stretching » working in all universe in counterbalance with «Energy of Compression », named force of Gravitation. And the main element, in which this force "Stretching", as Time, is shown by strongest way "Water" is.
Why really Water, instead of other elements?
The main practical answer is «the reality of Alive world», which for 70 percent consist of water. However it is not an explanation but only confirmation of its importance in the alive and lifeless world. Therefore the valid explanation, that water is basis of all alive on the earth and in all universe, it that Water in all alive organisms is "Intermediary" for reception space Energy from space of the universe. Therefore only due to properties of water «to accumulate space energy and to transform it to energy of movement and electric energy», water  has taken such central place in the universe. And all most complex systems alive do not live without water, and the most simple alive systems do not activate the action without water

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The design of the Human Energy system

The design of the Human Energy System.

/ Based on the scientific meaning of the "Book of the Dead" and personal experience /

Modern people, when they hear the word "Magic", perceive it as "Dark forces, Divination, Deception, Unclear, Prohibited". Actually, "Magic, this is Life". Magic,this is the eternal processes, operating in each person . And in practice, "Magic", it is inherent in the body "System of Balance", which leads the body to perfection of all internal Systems. And the "Inner Perfection of the organism" leads to "Perfection External", i.e. "The ability of a person to work and create" in all necessary spheres of life. Magic as a science existed in ancient Egypt, in which existed a large group of people "Initiate in secrets". Which in fact, together with Pharaoh, ruled the country. For over 200 years, Egyptologists have been studying ancient tombs and scrolls of Egypt antiquity. But Egypt, as was the "Dark Spot" for science, so remained. How the stories of the ancient scrolls Egypt and Israel were "beautiful fairy tales", such as the "Ark of Noah", so they remained.

This article translates "ancient tales" of Egypt into "Scientific Knowledge", which we just do not understand.

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Egyptian God "Ptah" - the god of "Hidden Magic".

                 The main secret of human health.

     As I wrote in many articles, about the “Pantheon of the Ancient Egyptian Gods”, that they are a symbolic description of the “Structure of the Human Body's Action”, which was given to humanity by the Atlantics, who founded civilizations on the Earth.

    The ancient Egyptian root of the word "Ptah" means "To open". And a similar root with the same meaning there is in Hebrew language. In Egyptian mythology the god Ptah was considered as god the Creator. But this god Creator was strange, because He was not a relative of all the other gods, that were related between themselves.

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How to become a Magician

 I appeal to all young people, but especially to Jewish youth of the age of Bar Mitzvah, since I am also a Jew. The Jewish people have the "Holy Torah Scrolls", which our people carried through the whole long and difficult history. The name of the sacred scrolls "Torah" is an Egyptian origin, and is translated "The Road of the Pharaohs", or "The  Road to Perfection", or "The Way of the Initiates into the Secrets of Life", or "The Road of the Magicians". But in the text of Torah nowhere is said how one can become a magician, because the Pharaohs, and their entourage, like the Priests of the temples, strongly concealed this is from "Simple Workers".

Therefore, every person who considers himself a Jew, and who honors the Sacred Scrolls of the Torah, must strive for "Personal Perfection" all his life. To strive for "Physical, Moral and Spiritual" perfection.

 In addition, every Jew must strive to ensure, that his state was built on the principle of "7 days of the creation of the world of nature". For our state was: “The state of the Law” , so the most fair for all citizens, the greenest and ecological, the purest as nature, Spiritual / non-religious / center for all  peoples.

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Explanations for Magicians

         Explanations for those wishing to become Magicians in Israel. 

    The magic of Ancient Egypt is "The path to personal Perfection". The heirs of Ancient Egypt are the Jews, thanks to the scientific book of the Torah, and the disappearance of Pharaoh's Egypt.

   The path to personal Perfection is known from antiquity, and is not anyone's discovery. For example, even in ancient times the Hindus had a way to perfection, as the teaching of "Yoga." The Chinese had the teaching of the path to the perfection of the Dao. Jews, as heirs of ancient Egypt, should have the method of "Magic". But, however, due to a misunderstanding of one's own history, and content of Torah, the method of Magic by the Jews was never used. And this is wrong.

    It is important to understand, that all these ancient "Ways to personal perfection", trying scientifically explain the action of the "Energy and Thought structure of a person". Because all these processes occur inside a person without the participation of the person himself. This is the sphere of action of our God of the world, and it's not easy to influence to them.

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The Books of the Heavens, Gate and Caves, as Man structure.

                        Ancient Egypt. / Introductory article /.

         Scientific description of the construction and actions of Man  body, with the help of a certain "System Symbols", like figures of man and animals, in the Books: Heaven, Gate and Caves.            

    The system symbols of the books of ancient Egypt are still not understood and not deciphered, although scientists have been doing this since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Looking through the images of the Books of Heaven, Gate and Caves, where inside the "Big Figure of a Man" there are little men and animals, immediately, the Thought appears that the conversation is about the “Human Body”, even not understanding the content. But the symbolism of these images is complicated also by the fact, that Numbers, as a quantitative  depiction of figures of people on figures, are not related to the “Account”, but are related to the “Structure Systems”, as we are informed by the “Emerald Tablets” of the god Thoth. Since the human structure in the “Systems Image - is the Pyramid”, where the Egyptians numbered 14 levels.

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Scientific Symbolism of ancient Egypt

Scientific Symbolism of ancient Egypt. 

     If we take the famous books of the ancient tombs and pyramids of the ancient Egypt, such as the book "The Dead", the book "Heaven", the book "The Caves", the book "Gates", then we can pay attention to the fact, that in all these books, the drawings depict the “Huge Body of Man”, which is inside divided into horizontal and vertical parts, and in each part depicts figures of people, sometimes animals, figures of gods in the form of people. Immediately it becomes clear, that this description of "Structures of Man”. Only unusual for us, because it is described in "Systems of Action Man", which are many in the body.

Systems, that are difficult to understand Logically, because they consist of "Trinity Blocks”, the inextricable functional action: of “Energy, Electricity and Functional Structure”. And form a sequence of “6 blocks of action”, described in the "7 days of the creation of the world" in the Torah.

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Cards Taro & Numbers

Particularly interesting consider here in this book information arriving before us, as information from distant past, in the manner of "Cards Tarot ". To my great regret I has openned for itself cards Tarot,  when my work of “Hebrew language and 7 day of creation of the world”, already was completely written. But cards could be shorten me way to finish.    

Since Tarot cards are the “pictorial and systemic meaning for the letters of the Hebrew alphabet”. And also “Pictorial and systemic sense for Digits decimal number 

Value of cards Tarot in that, that they carry in itself whole "Plot", and their "Symbolism"more rich sense, than any hieroglyphic drawing of letters any ancient Language, i.e. in them there is serious information for cogitation. The Cards Tarot give us more demonstrative possibility, than Egyptian Hieroglyphics, unite "As Whole" Knowledge, existed in ancient Egypt, and Hebrew Language System, which link with the modern Scientific Knowledge. They unite the past Egypt ana Jews culture.

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