Yacov Ioffe

Simple explanation of the Gods of the scientific Torah.


         In the scientific scrolls of the Torah of Atlantis, 2 active gods are described in Man, and this is the god Elohim and the god Jehovah. Explaining "the meaning of these gods is very difficult". Because God Elohim is the "World Forces of Three Inseparable Energies". And Jehovah God is "Code Information for the development of an organism through the birth of cells".  

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The Torah is the Scientific Book.

The "Computer" model and "7 days of the creation of the world" are the key to understanding the construction of Nature and Man.

                  Stupidity is simple and visible, but Mind waggles and hides! F.M. Dostoevsky.

Reader! If you will understand the System principle acting of our Nature, and its modern analogy the Computer on its "general Model", then you get the "Weapon of Reason" of extraordinary strength for science investigations. Because, on this "System Principle" act everything, that exists in our nature and in man, including "Spoken languages", representing the world’s construction.

In the 1960s. The great mathematician Norbert Wiener, made a discovery, that allowed engineers to create the wonder of the modern world - the Computer. Why are modern "Intelligent Technologies" possible? Because, Norbert Wiener discovered "Reasonable Feedback", which allows turn all systems into a "Circular" steady action, with complex external conditions. Engineers have put in the computer "Intelligent programs", which turn it into an automaton capable of doing very difficult work. However, without the "Reasonavle Feedback", the Automaton remains an Automaton and can not be adjusted to the External Conditions. Feedback is "Feelings and Information" about "Outer World", which are communicated to
the Automaton. Our computer is unusually smart, because "Man, as Feedback", directs his actions. Without a human intelligent directions, computer is a useless design.

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The third day of creation, as the main for understanding Roles of man in Nature.

    The ancient scientific Egyptian civilization left for us the main Ideas concerning all mankind.

    "The Sacred Scrolls of the Torah" is the "Scientific Book", but they appeared in such a deep antiquity, when Science was primitive. So "Holy Torah Scrolls" spread around the world, as a religious law, and became ideology. Finding in the scrolls the record "Be fruitful and multiply", the heads of religious communities called for this, and many people really tried to increase the number of children in families, even very much poor. So, till now don’t exist law, regulating the number of children in the family.

     In fact, the Torah is a book about the structure of the "Human Cell", which is really allowed in the body to multiply freely, because "The organism itself balances and limits the number of cells in it". The organism itself destroys superfluous, mostly non-working, weak cells. Therefore, even strenuously eating, we do not grow like trees up to 30 meters. 

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The linguistic algorithm, for scientific understanding meaning of the Pentateuch.

              Reviving the ancient manuscript of Atlantis.


    All Nature, consisting of millions of different living Systems - organisms, is so complex in its ability to "Synthesize their Copies", which seems to us Magic.  Millions of scientists, study the cells of Nature since the invention of the Galileo microscope in 1603. And finally, in the 20th century, realizing only the “principle of transfer of the genetic information of organisms”, scientists immediately decided, that they have the right to "Change the closed and waste-free system of Nature"! Gentlemen scientists! Create your own "Artificial cell" and change what you want in it. But do not touch the Nature, which you did not create!

    For the average reader, who simply wants to understand the general Sence of scientific content of Torah. I tagged the entire text of the conclusions and comments from each paragraph "Blue color". And this blue text will not be read less interesting, as a detective novel of our life mystery. And this reading can inspire in readers the desire to "Learn Hebrew language", as language of the entire universe, transmitted by the Atlanteans.

    At the same time, a single "Person" can not understand "Full text depth". Therefore, it is necessary to study the text of the Torah scientifically "by all nations together", and not only by the Jewish people it's just a duty!

    So all my evidence is interesting only to those people, which "They themselves want to explore the sacred text", and offer their version of the meaning of the text. And I really welcome this!  


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System meaning numerals in Hebrew Language.

     As I have already shown in an article on the Hebrew language, that this is "System Language", built on the basis of the "Trinity Codes", as the roots system of the Language, which all "Meaningful concepts for Life". The system of "Trinity Codes" is a compression for "7 element Structures of the System" operating in our world. And which in turn has 22 sound consonants, divided into 7 groups, and 5 vowels sounds, without which speech is impossible. And this "Trinity Code System" corresponds to the principle of action of the human brain. And naturally, this language and Torah humanity received from the Atlanteans at the beginning of appearing the civilization.  

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General scientific meaning of the text of the Pentateuch. 1


         Reviving the ancient manuscript of Atlantis. 

                      Chapter 1.

     As I understand it, the Language and the general division of the text of the Pentateuch was laid down by the compilers of the text - the Atlanteans, created on the planet another solar system, the place of the outcome of the genes of all mankind. Where the main Information Descriptive Elements are "Names of the characters" in the text. Moreover, in the "Names" you can see "One Source of Scientific Books" of Ancient Egypt and Israel. Because these ancient scrolls describe the "Code structures", that are and Cells, and Systems of the human body. And it is known from history, that the Pharaohs took their choice of their Name seriously, associating them with the Gods.

     The text of the Pentateuch describes: the entire "System of Nature" and "Development of Man at the Cellular Level", and its name means "Teaching". Therefore, the content of the Pentateuch should be understood as: "Textbook of the biology of the development of life" in the universe, using the example of "Human cell". This textbook was given to people by Atlanteans and therefore of unearthly origin. 

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Concrete scientific meaning parts of text the Pentateuch. 2

         Reviving the ancient manuscript of Atlantis.

            Bereshit - Genesis.     

                    Chapter 2.    

      The Key of the Systemic understanding of the World – "7 days of the creation of the World".
      Adam - Hawa - Serpent: Male and Female Genome and Protein.
      Noach - Cell in the Aquatic environment. The basic structure of the whole Living Nature.

      General Systemic principle of action of living Nature. And this principle is described, as “7 days of the creation of the world". This is visible to people "Analogy of any system of the world”. / see separate the article "Torah Scientific Book". /

    It is logically clear, that the 7 days of the creation of the world, in addition to the "General systemic principle of building the world", also describe the Evolution life development. And this Evolution is visible both in the stages of development of Inanimate Nature, and in the stages of Living Nature. So for Vegetation it is: Grass - Seed - Fruit - Tree. For Water: Small creatures - Flying creatures - Reptiles - Large aquatic creatures. For lands: Crawling creatures - Walking creatures - Man.

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Concrete scientific meaning parts of text the Pentateuch. 3

         Reviving the ancient manuscript of Atlantis.

                      Chapter 3.

     Shem - Ham - Yaphet. Three inseparable structures of the Cell. 
Shem - Informational structures of the Cell. / General structure. / 
Ham - Functional structures of the cell. / General structure / 
   Yafet - Energy structures of the cell. / General structure. /

    And the sons of Noah came out of the Ark - Shem, Ham and Yaphet, and Ham is the father of Canaan. The three sons of Noah filled and spread throughout the land. And planted Noah a man of the earth a vineyard. And drank the wine and got drunk and laid bare in a tent. And saw Ham the father of Canaan nudity ??? father and told the brothers outside. And took Shem and Yaphet clothes and laid them on their back together ??? and walked back ??? and covered nudity ??? of father. And faces back and nudity ??? father was not seen. And Noah sobered up from the wine and found out, what his youngest son had done. And said, "Cursed Canaan a slave of slaves will be for the brothers". And blessed Jehovah - god / at the end of the word God, the suspicious "Yod" / of Shem, and Canaan will be a slave for him. Yaphet - Elohim for Yaphet, and will be a neighbor in the tents of Shem, and Canaan will be his slave. And Noah lived after the flood 350 years. And there was all life Noah 950 years old and has died.

     This paragraph is very informative, so I gave it without abbreviation. 

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Concrete scientific meaning parts of text the Pentateuch. 4

              Reviving the ancient manuscript of Atlantis.

                       Chapter 4.   

    Abram, Saray, Lot. - The beginning of development he structure of the Core.   
War of the Kings. - Suppliers of nutrients for Avram, Saray Lot. 
  Ishmael - Hagar. - The birth of controlled "Passages through nucleus membrane of Cell".

     And Jehovah said to Abram, go out of your land of birth and home father, to the land, which I will show you. And I will make you a big people and I will bless you, and I will magnify your name, and you will be blessed. And I bless those who bless you, but I curse those who curse you ??? And all the families of the earth bless you. And Abram gone as Jehovah spoke to him. And Lot walked with him. And Abram was 75 years, when leaving Haran. And Abram took Sarai the wife and Lot his brother’s son and all the Property, that they acquired and the Souls, that they made ??? in Haran. And they went out to go into the land of Canaan. And they came to Canaan. And Abram moved across the earth to the place of Shem to Alon More, and Canaanies then on earth.

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Concrete scientific meaning parts of text the Pentateuch. 5


              Reviving the ancient manuscript of Atlantis. 

                      Chapter 5.  

       Abraham - Jehovah. Law of circumcision - "Standard Length and Code" chains of Information and Proteins. 
The birth of Itzhak at Sarah - The birth of the "Connecting part of the nucleolus system". 
 Discussion between Abraham and Jehovah of the destruction of Sodom and Amora - "Existence of Law and Justice?" 
System - "Own - Alien".  The Righteous are Abraham -  tested Code Structures. Sinners – Structures, that have not passed Code control.

    And Abram was 99 years old. And Jehovah saw Abram and said to him, I am God Shaddai, walk before me and be blameless ??? / naive /. And I will give you the union between you and me, and I will multiply you very much. And Abram fell on face, and Elohim spoke to him and said: I am here my union with you, you will be the father of many nations. And you will no longer be called Abram, but your name will be Abraham, because I will make you the father of many nations. 

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Concrete scientific meaning parts of text the Pentateuch. 6

         Reviving the ancient manuscript of Atlantis.

                       Chapter 6.    

     Sdom - Lot.  Nutrient Control of the Nucleus. Protoplasm processes Cell nuclei. 
     Abraham –  Abimelech. The two main structures of the Core. Abraham - the nucleolus as a "Processor for processing Gene  information       Jehovah". 
     Abimelech, as the "Shell of the Core", acts from the outside.    

    And two angels came in the evening to Sodom, and Lot sat at the gate of Sodom. And Lot saw and stood up to meet them and bowed down to the earth. And he said: Please gentlemen, come in the house your servant and wash your legs. And sleep and go in the morning ..... no, we will spend the night on the street. And he begged them .... and they ate. Before the people lay down, the inhabitants of the city of Sodom came and surrounded the house from a boy to an old man, and all the people from edge to edge: And they called Lot and told him; what people come to you for the night, bring them out, and we will know them; And Lot went out to them to the door, and closed the door behind him: And said: my brothers, do not make worse: 

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Concrete scientific meaning parts of text the Pentateuch. 7

               Reviving the ancient manuscript of Atlantis.

                    Chapter 7.    

        The birth of Yitzhak - The beginning of the construction of the  Connecting part system of the nucleus.

     And guide Jehovah Sarah, when he said, Jehovah did Sarah like he said: And Sarah became pregnant and gave birth to Abraham, the son of his old age, in time which Elohim spoke: And Abraham called the name of his son, whom Sarah gave birth to him, Isaac: And Abraham circumcised Isaac his son, after 8 days, as Elohim commanded him: And Abraham was 100 years old at the birth of Isaac, his son: And Sarah said, made a laugh at me Elohim, everyone who hears will laugh at me: And she said, who said the word to Abraham, that the sons suck Sarah because I gave birth the son of his old age: And a child grew up, and was weaned, and Abraham made a great feast on the day of circumcision of Isaac: And Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian woman, who bore Abraham, that laughs; And she said to Abraham - Drive out this mother and her son, because he will not inherit with my son Isaac: And it was very unfortunate for Abraham, because of his son: And the Elohim said to Abraham not be upset for the sake of the lad and the slave of yours: All that Sarah tells you obey her voice, for in Isaac your seed will be called; But I’ll also produce people from the son of she slave seed, which yours: 

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