Yacov Ioffe

The ancient history of the people of Israel, looking from modern times.


       The ancient history of the people of Israel began among the "Semitic peoples", who settled along the "Arc of territories around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, onto the southern part of the Mediterranean Sea along the coast, along the entire length of the Nile river to the supreme headwaters. The rivers were the source of drinking, agriculture, and transportation, convenient for permanent residence of people in the same territory. Apparently, these settlements developed 9-10 thousand years ago. 

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The System structure of the Hebrew language.

                   Short clause about System structure of the Hebrew language,  as functional structure from 7 and 3 parts.  

                          / And on the basis of what the Mathematics has appeared?/

Because of its Systemic and formal construction, and accordingly concision, Hebrew also has "comprehensive description of reality", since deprived of "many additional means of forming words", which existed in the languages of "Free word-building". So Hebrew can be compared to Systems "chemical, biological and other formal descriptions", which need for understanding "many explanations". And it is well known to translators.

This clause is very serious reduction of another clause about System construction of language the Hebrew, where I in detail examine all parts of language, and why they reflect «system sense of our real surrounding life». However to read this clause, for understanding, it is so difficult, that it only under force to people with special way of thinking, and infernal tolerance. Since it contains so much information and so much of thin shades, that it can be studied only in parts. And enclosed there illustration more than hundred examples, it is even more heavy work. Especially it is necessary to take into account, that the Hebrew has passed a history more than 10000 years, and has without any doubt incorporated «strangers words», which break its unique order. Therefore in given clause I have tried to get rid of all complex proofs, and I give only a skeleton of the proof, why the Hebrew system language, and why it is so constructed.

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Woman she is Manager by nature.

      I address to all Women of the world, not for teach them, but for they have more deeply understood there role in human society and family. For Women, instead of Men, were managed in all states, since it is there «Natural assignment».

     The history of mankind is so long, that it has already disappeared from the face of the earth many peoples. Thousands of times our understandings about the world, in which we live in, have changed. Already, mankind has come to the situation, that one person can destroy all life on earth with the push of a button.

    What else does humanity need?


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Ancient Egypt and Israel are one culture.

The entire scientific and intellectual world today is well aware, the ancient pyramids of Egypt, as one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. After all, there were no such huge structures in the world.  But, as it turned out in the last 2

hundred years, that there are many such "Megalithic" buildings all over the world, the Middle East, America, Russia and Africa. These are the structures of Baalbek in Lebanon, and the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, and Hebekle-tepe in Turkey, this is Underwater monoliths in Japan, these are the balls of Costa Rica, this is an iron column of 7 meters in the Qutb-Minar complex in India, as facts of presence on earth Space technology.

     Let us ask ourselves, but why born the idea of ​​building such "Useless Constructions", like the pyramids, appeared in the midst of the Pharaoh and well-educated, well-organized and well-economically developed state?

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Who is the Jew among us?

    A Jewish state has existed for 70 years, and the question of who to consider in the state by the "Jew", is still not resolved at the state level. After all, the Jewish state consists of people, who came from many countries all over the world.

    In this case, the only source, that can give us an answer, is the "Holy Torah". But the problem is, that all Jews, who read, studied or simply knew  the summary of the Torah, always understood her in different ways. And therefore, the whole long Jewish history, the people always had many different groups, who understood the Torah different, and hostile to each other.

     In order for the “Unified understanding of the Holy Scrolls” to arise, the Jewish population of the planet needs to understand, where the Holy Torah came from. And that the Torah is a “Scientific Book”,

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Grammar of the 7th day of the creation of the world

     From the structure of the model of the system described in the Torah, as "7 days of the creation of the world," it is clear, that the text concerning 7-th day, as the day of the "Rest of God", has "Inconsistence of meaning". And this is the main misunderstanding of God, to which people “attribute human qualities”. And in this regard appeared “immense field for fantasies and deceit”. God, in principle, cannot rest, because the whole universe and our solar system is constantly works without stopping. And God can not be a man! And this discrepancy has always been controversial. 

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Relations between Jews and other peoples.

Jews are the only people, who have "Ancient scientific scrolls of the Torah”, which are very necessary for modern mankind.
The main idea of ​​this article is, that the Jewish people, who received the “Scientific Scrolls of the Torah”, and thereby received the "Purpose of their existence", as "Building a just society for people", were always different fromother peoples. Therefore, all the "Empire of Evil" in human history, which had the goal of  "capturing foreign territories", they hated the Jews. Because arranged within their own empire the situation, when for the entire male population of the seized Countries, "The most profitable life, was to serve in the army of invaders". Because this gave young men opportunity to easily enrich, rob a simple population and rape any women they want. This situation creates internal war between gangs for power in the empire, or gangs unite, and seek an enemy outside the empire or country. In such countries, people, or live in hatred for each other, or do not believe anyone. If we may to call such countries "human", is a question?

This situation has always existed in history, and exists to this day. The Rulers of all countries have never known how, and did not want to build "Fair for all society". And for all of them were always disturbed the Jews.

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General view on the history of the Language, Writing and Torah.

     Man, as can understand from his complex construction, and his 15 thousand years active history, emerged from the Cosmos, already formed a being.

And naturally, he could speak, and therefore the first languages ​​existed immediately with the appearance of man. And the basis of each human language is "Perception of a person around the world." And the perception of the world by man is "Trinity", because a person sees only the external parts of the system /creatures or objects/. And systems have in their composition "7 parts", from which 4 we do not see.

    Therefore, any human language is built in such a way, that the "Meaning action of the world, as an infinite set of systems" wasn’t lost. It means, that the structure of the language corresponded to the action of the Real infinite world around us. But human language can not be infinite. Because, the average person's vocabulary does not exceed 2000 words. Languages, this is not an invention of man, although man is able to come up with a "new word". A human speech apparatus, was originally designed so, that it can reproduce a large number of sounds in a convenient alternation.

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A system of 7 in nature, as opposed to human reality.

In the initial part of the holy Torah, as "7 days of the creation of the world", the “scientific Source” unknown to us, reports on the systemic principle of building our world. But you need to be well aware, that "The structure of System itself” has only “6 functional parts”, and the 7th part always belongs to another System!

The Torah, as a scientific book, also conveys to us about the four main “Priority Goals” for man, as a "thinking creature capable of creativity".
The first priority goal is, the priority of the 7th part of the system, as “Reasonable Feedback” for all systems that exist, for constant system stability in time. And it called Shabbat.
The second priority goal is, the priority of "Vegetation", which is the basis for the life of all other creatures of Nature.
The third priority goal is, the person himself, as an executive function of the nature system, obliged to preserve the life of nature on the planet, created by God.
The fourth priority goal is described in the “Prohibition of Slavery” form. It means, the need to build the society in accordance with model 7 parts of the system. / I.e. to build a "fair for all society". What, in essence, the Jews tried to do throughout their history.

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A different view on the state of Israel.

If till 18 century, before appearance ֺof Capitalists Parliamentary states, opposite classes in society was only two: Ruling Class and Working class, and so Religious Ethics else play important role in life of society, since reduce the level of "Egoism" all its members. However later, with development of Parliamentary relations, and particularly Socialist Ideas, Religious Ethics simply could not do this, since number of "Opposite Groups" inwardly all states "unbelievably" increased and all of them inhere in Contradictions in different proportions with each other. But Egoist Group it is not Person, to which possible influence by Ethics. We needs the special structure of State! We needs the special Ethics!

But the real life acts only on the basis of "Necessity"! And the necessity of life is "Products" and "Housing". Therefore, in the conditions of general deception, the production of products and housing captured by "Money" in order to keep the ruling elite at any cost, even by war. And the so-called "Scientific Progress" /people, who call themselves scientists/ support this position with all their might.

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My path to a scientific understanding of God and the scientific nature of the Torah.

After I has finished course of Hebrew "See and listen”, I became to search for group for deepened Hebrew study and certainly such group was sewn on. This group led the Leonid Zeliger. Zeliger was young person about 30 years and language knew simply brilliantly. To moment of our acquaintance He already has published his Hebrew grammatical in Russian language. It was printed somewhere in the west and spread in Russia enough broadly, since was written in considerable detail and with large number of examples well. Strictly with acquaintances with Zeliger, I began the new stage in my life, stage when I already did not sail adrift by “Standard Thoughts using everywhere, but became to comprehend the main notions of our life, universe and Judaism. Possible to say, that through Hebrew language I came to new understanding the world, to which costs be joined, if certainly this in principle possible.

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