Yacov Ioffe

Deadlock of Science and Society of human civilization.

                    Thinkers of Modernity!

     Don't you want to know, why in the Atlantean Torah scripts our "Ancestors" speak directly to God? And we are so smart and educated to
talk to God can't! Do not be too lazy to read, at least "Prefaces of articles of  the Torah books", and you will understand everything. In the divine creation of the Atlanteans, which fortunately has come down to our time, there is not a single word of Lie! And all the additions of "Fanatics of the Faith" can be easily excluded.  

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Was the Word in the beginning of the World?

              Place of "Thought" in the general understanding of the World.

     As you know, the Religious doctrine of understanding the world and God, claims, that at the beginning of the Creation of the World there was - "Word".  And this means, that at the beginning of the Creation of the world there was "Thought". A Thought, as modern science knows it is Electricity! A Electricity as you know, it is a "Paired Substance", since has a Plus and a Minus, and  even pupils of the first grades of schools know this today.

      At the beginning of the 20th century, science was able to build the "Model Atom", as an elementary particle in the construction of all substances in the world. And the Electric nature of the interactions of the atom with other atoms, was a confirmation of the "Religious doctrine".

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Respect the Death, without it there is no Life!

     For Magicians of ancient Egypt - “Death had a special Meaning”, as a transition after the “Righteous Life”, into the next world “Dreaming in Heaven". They prepared for Death and Respect it!

    The whole history of mankind, which did not possess scientific knowledge of ancient Egypt, and lived a simple natural life. "Death" was a natural part of people's lives.

     All our long life and every night we are a Dream, as if we are learning “Death”, so that at the end of our life “Asleep forever”. Death is not scary, but nice, because this is the end of our endless life challenges.

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     Ideology, by my definition, is human fantasy, unrelated to the real world, leading to the degradation of the human person.

The ancient world lived according to the real laws of the world, was difficult for understanding of people, and therefore people all over the planet were looking for“Strong Patron”, in real life. The God, that created the world and lived in each creature was not clear to them, since he did not participate in the life of the people.

Therefore, the God was for people “Neither”, people simply did not perceive him. Therefore, the main people of all communities were Shamans and various Healers. For example, in ancient Egypt, the heads of communities and healers at the same time were Magicians from the Temples.

     The appearance of the Jewish Torah and the state, where Jewish people received the Egyptian Education has changed the situation all over the world. Because in the Torah was a concept of God, who created the world, and most importantly, God participates in people's lives. And as a consequence of this, "Religious Ideology" appeared.  Naturally, the absence of the "Visible existence of the real God” in human life, create a “Contradiction” between the text of “Sacred scrolls”, where God participates in the life of people, and between “Life itself”, where he not participates.


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Education and system 7.

                   Example for using 7 parts system for Right organization of Education and possibility to influence on this process. 

     Suggested here the approach to organization of Education are not and can't be Universal, because the author don't wont to teach Specialists in this sphere. But  because I make in this article the System Analyze this sphere, then it give us pragmatic approach and it will be very useful for all present parents and I hope many specialists in education will find useful aspects, because System approach allows to define "Role", which in Human Society must perform "Formation", as well as allows explains "Reasons of Behavior of children" at certain age, and  hereunder gives Help, what strategy necessary to use for each age. So we will begin from "Role", which must perform "Formation" in Society. 

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Friends of Earthlings, do you really want to live on your own planet Earth, and have already gathered to go into space?

     If you carefully watch and listen to the broadcast channels television of absolutely all countries, it seems, that all the peoples gathered to go to space, and soon on our planet no one will be left.

     And indeed, the atmosphere of life for people on our planet becoming increasingly unbearable. And of course it would be good to find imagine a planet similar to ours. But where to get it? We are captives of ours planets forever!

And what our great scientists of cosmonautic promise us, developing satellites and rockets, this is Cheating. Rockets are good only for war. Man is not meant for life in space as an organism, and our ancestors arrived on the planet in the form of the “Frozen Genetic material”, apparently on glacial comets.     Therefore, we need to think about how to Protect and Save our planet, but not to Destroy it, what happens before our eyes.

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Problems of understanding the God, his Reason and Order.

     The God of our universe, as the ancient Egyptians described scientifically, is the Triple Forces, which are inseparable in action. He moves everything that exists in the universe, in its infinite action. God created everything in the universe and continues its action, which will never cease.

     It means, God is the "Real concept" of the action of our world, which acts in all of its "system parts" from incredibly huge, to incredible small.  Of course, we are most interested in the actions of God in the Living Systems.

And then we can see that God created an incredibly large number Living beings, as Systems, in the form of "Eternal water engines, Generating "similar to themselves systems" in an infinite change of generations.

     And in this aspect, Man is also the "Eternal Water Engine" differing mainly in the most complex construction: an unusual physical form of the body, an unusually developed brain, the opportunity to create new things. Those, that are not exist in nature, such as the wheel.


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Table of Mendeleev and system of 7 parts.

Having Formulated 7-parts system of description of the world, I was constantly occupied by check it in all spheres of our lifes, its expressions in concrete acting systems of our world. So naturally, that I want to check it on fundamental table physicists and chemistries of world, - Tables "Mendeleev-Bohr".     There was absolutely clear, that Whole table can’t be inserted in such system, since describes the interconnections for lifeless world. However we know, that part of elements tables of Mendeleev - Bohr, basically its most light elements, form whole world of Alive, and probably not by chance, but since have the characteristics allowing do this. So why these characteristics can not be a System characteristics, which and predestine their use in Alive systems?

The Difficulty of analysis the table was concluded in that, that whole world alive it is complex compositions of elements, this complex spatial interactions these complex compositions. From these complex compositions difficult to realize the purpose of separate concrete element, because sometimes these characteristics does not exist, but there is characteristics of associations or groups.

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The oldest scientific knowledge in drawings, tables and short text.

Ancient scientific knowledge of the world, appeared on the planet earth, along with the appearance on it of the "Cosmonauts" who founded several colonies. Scientific centers on the planet earth have become the most suitable places for agriculture: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, China, India, South of Europe and South America. And in all these colonies, survives the "Myths" of the Higher Forces acting in the world and on earth. And there were unusual languages, unusual buildings, unusual artifacts and unusual technologies.

    In fact, these were not myths, but Scientific Information, which in time was distorted and lost its source meaning. And the reason for this was, because a person sees and understands the world through external forms and movement. But he does not see a lot of internal and external parts, which are the most Important for understanding the world. Parts of these myths have come down to our time, but it was impossible to restore this scientific knowledge, although this was trying by many generations of scientists. And the main reasons for this, that existed only family education, and to myths were treated as fantasies of our ancestors.

    My attempt to formulate this ancient "scientific knowledge" was associated with a successful proof of the “System building of the ancient language Hebrew”. That allowed me to understand the "Science meaning of the ancient Torah crolls", and principle of building the world. The general description of all this ancient knowledge, in the most concise form is given in this article.

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Causes of Magneticity of some elements of the periodic table.

     In the periodic table there is a group of "Magnetic Elements", but no one has explained where their Magnetism comes from.

     I think, that this is due to the fact, that their neutron part of an atom has a special property, related to its spatial orientation in relation to the Three World Forces: Time, Gravity, Electricity, which act in absolutely any matter of the universe.

    The nuclei of all atoms are compressed by gravity with great force. Wherein the "World Time Force", stretching all the atoms of the universe, pulls out a group of electrons from the nucleus, and thus generates the "electron shell of the nucleus", which allows atoms to interact with each other and form all sorts of compounds. And this way appeared world "Electric forces". Since without Time Stretching Force, Electric forces cannot act.


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