Yacov Ioffe

Ancient Solar system

Understanding the solar system in antiquity. 

     It is worthwhile to understand, that the first civilizations of mankind appeared on the planet earth from the Cosmos, and therefore they were fundamentally "Scientific understanding of the World", and perhaps deeper than modern ones. Therefore, for example, the Sumerian civilization immediately possessed Writing, and also the knowledge of the planets of the solar system, the exact solar-lunar calendar, the mathematical system of 60 with basis of 3*2*5, and the technologies of agriculture and construction.

     Similar scientific knowledge was possessed by the ancient Egyptian civilization, which even described the universe in the basis, as the Trinity and Paired, and describing the human systems. Chinese civilization, which also appeared in very ancient times.  And the ancient Elins civilization, most familiar to us, with the scientific description of the world through the Myths and gods of Olympus.

     Indian civilization, possessing scientific knowledge, and confirming its scientific understanding through the Trinity and the Pair-action of the forces of the world. And where, between many symbols, I especially like borrowed from Indians the Trinity of life in the form of a picture – symbol, where the basis is Water, and the Forces of Universe are the largest and strongest beings of the planet - Whales.

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Analysis the Sumer Math notation 60.

      Analysis the Sumer language and its Math notation 60, as principle of System space construction of our world.

part 1 / Math notation 60 / 

     From archeology it is known, that Sumers were one of the most ancient peoples dwelling Mesopotamia and in general our planet, about which we were reached with data. Their language differed from languages of other peoples this area, and besides they had writing, that allows us today to make even the approximate analysis of their ancient culture.
    Sumer writing reached up to us is dated scientists approximately 5400 years, i.e. the earliest writing, which has reached us, earlier than Egyptian and thus more formal, which not connected in any way with pictures and the simplified figures - symbols. 

   Undoubtedly clearly, that advanced culture Sumer, has received there knowledge from Cosmos, as well as other ancient civilizations, and Sumerian epos directly informs us, that people were created by the Gods, who have arrived on our planet for the purposes of reception of stocks of gold. Certainly the history of "gold", I think can be imagination of local natives, as purposes «Gods – Cosmonauts», but the fact of occurrence the strong push of human civilization from Cosmos, is exactly not imagination. Although, if Gods - Cosmonauts arrived flying to us on “aqueous fuel of the system of comets”, then the need for gold, as material to the not yielding action of water it is completely justified.

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Analysis the Sumer language.

Part 2 / Language analization / 

   As we know from construction of the Hebrew, in which for « Seven real parts of system », because of the human factor of restriction there is « a Convolution of system up to 3 », probably, that words and offers language of Sumer too are constructed on a basis of «Three system parts». It means probably, that the same convolution systems up to "Three" exists for words and offers Sumer language, since all people think equally, on a basis «Triple balance of any action». / And if to recollect from a Torah, that the person is constructed due an image and similarity of the God, we are constructed by the same principle, as Gods – cosmonauts, who have based a civilization on the Earth/.

    On the Sumer language spoke in Mesopotamia about 4000 years b.c., so it Is “special in linguistic”, since don’t belong to any known families of languages.  Linguists name the Sumer language “aglutinanive and errgative”, but because nobody can’t knows its pronounce, but only know its translating words through Akkadian language, so it is till now there is “Puzzle with many unknown”.

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Atoms and Sumer numbers

          Analysis of the chemical elements of the Periodic Table, according to the numerical ratios of the Sumer number system.

      The scientific understanding of the world, which existed at the beginning of human civilization, said that the basis of our universe is the Three Basic Forces, which created this world in an endless Trinity interaction and change.

     The Sumerian number system 60, in accordance with the image of its numbers in the form of Triangles, tells us, that the Basis of the world is “Trinity” and at thesame time "Binary". Which means the presence of the Dynamic Balance of the Three Forces for all structures of the universe. And it means the presence of a static balance in the form of 2, or Symmetry. So the basic basis of the universe is the number 6 = 3 * 2. However, the world is not primitive, but complex, and built “Systemically” and has many levels in construction.

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