Yacov Ioffe


         The comparative Analysis of " Systems of Construction » Ancient

                        Languages of "Hebrew" and "Sanskrit". 

           / Why the Sanskrit Really Cosmic Language! /


       I am not the expert on philology and I do not going to interfere in this scientific area. I am not an expert on the Sanskrit, and all my superficial knowledge are limited « by Textbook and Dictionary on the Sanskrit », which has been issued in 1891 in Saint Petersburg. And consequently I beforehand am sorry before experts of Sanskrit for probable mistakes in language. I assort in this article with «Semantic System Basis», on which stand all Languages of the World. Therefore the comparative analysis, which I am going to carry out in this article, it is "System", which allows to estimate two Semantic " System Models " of languages. System Models, which can spill "Light" on « System Knowledge », which has come to us from "Cosmos", and which to great our disappointment "is lost" in big degree. On the other hand, I am not absolutely confident in achievement positive result, since I use the «understanding of the Sanskrit  by russian experts», which can be sufficiently "deformed" in relation to «the Ancient Original Sanskrit».

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