Yacov Ioffe

Analysis the Sumer language.

Part 2 / Language analization / 

   As we know from construction of the Hebrew, in which for « Seven real parts of system », because of the human factor of restriction there is « a Convolution of system up to 3 », probably, that words and offers language of Sumer too are constructed on a basis of «Three system parts». It means probably, that the same convolution systems up to "Three" exists for words and offers Sumer language, since all people think equally, on a basis «Triple balance of any action». / And if to recollect from a Torah, that the person is constructed due an image and similarity of the God, we are constructed by the same principle, as Gods – cosmonauts, who have based a civilization on the Earth/.

    On the Sumer language spoke in Mesopotamia about 4000 years b.c., so it Is “special in linguistic”, since don’t belong to any known families of languages.  Linguists name the Sumer language “aglutinanive and errgative”, but because nobody can’t knows its pronounce, but only know its translating words through Akkadian language, so it is till now there is “Puzzle with many unknown”.