Yacov Ioffe

Analysis the Sumer Math notation 60.

      Analysis the Sumer language and its Math notation 60, as principle of System space construction of our world.

part 1 / Math notation 60 / 

     From archeology it is known, that Sumers were one of the most ancient peoples dwelling Mesopotamia and in general our planet, about which we were reached with data. Their language differed from languages of other peoples this area, and besides they had writing, that allows us today to make even the approximate analysis of their ancient culture.
    Sumer writing reached up to us is dated scientists approximately 5400 years, i.e. the earliest writing, which has reached us, earlier than Egyptian and thus more formal, which not connected in any way with pictures and the simplified figures - symbols. 

   Undoubtedly clearly, that advanced culture Sumer, has received there knowledge from Cosmos, as well as other ancient civilizations, and Sumerian epos directly informs us, that people were created by the Gods, who have arrived on our planet for the purposes of reception of stocks of gold. Certainly the history of "gold", I think can be imagination of local natives, as purposes «Gods – Cosmonauts», but the fact of occurrence the strong push of human civilization from Cosmos, is exactly not imagination. Although, if Gods - Cosmonauts arrived flying to us on “aqueous fuel of the system of comets”, then the need for gold, as material to the not yielding action of water it is completely justified.