Yacov Ioffe

Atoms and Sumer numbers

          Analysis of the chemical elements of the Periodic Table, according to the numerical ratios of the Sumer number system.

      The scientific understanding of the world, which existed at the beginning of human civilization, said that the basis of our universe is the Three Basic Forces, which created this world in an endless Trinity interaction and change.

     The Sumerian number system 60, in accordance with the image of its numbers in the form of Triangles, tells us, that the Basis of the world is “Trinity” and at thesame time "Binary". Which means the presence of the Dynamic Balance of the Three Forces for all structures of the universe. And it means the presence of a static balance in the form of 2, or Symmetry. So the basic basis of the universe is the number 6 = 3 * 2. However, the world is not primitive, but complex, and built “Systemically” and has many levels in construction.